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News items
CFP: Young Researchers Days in Logic, History and Philosophy of Science VIII
On 23 and 24 November the eighth installment of the young researchers days, organised by the National committee for logic, history and philosophy of science and the Belgian Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science will take place. The call for papers is opened and porposals can be submitted until 20 October. Click the link below for more information.

Integrating the History and Philosophy of Biodiversity
On 20 and 21 October the workshop on Integrating the "History and Philosophy of Biodiversity: Narratives of Diversity, Extinction, Conflict and Value" will take place. Click the link below for more information.

Expo: Expedition Egypt
"Expedition Egypt" narrates the story of two centuries of archaeological discoveries and the development of the Egyptian collection of the art & history museum. In the nineteenth century, Belgian diplomatic and industrial circles showed a lively interest in the history of Egypt, which occupied an important place in international politics and economy. In the early twentieth century the Egyptologist Jean Capart played an invaluable role in the enlargement of the collection and the development of scientific research.

Recent Publications

La section italienne à l’Exposition Universelle et Internationale de Bruxelles en 1935: vitrine du régime fasciste ou miroir des industries?

Serena Pacchiani

Jean Capart, père de l’égyptologie belge
Agnès Pirlot

Making Belgian Big Science: A History of the MYRRHA Research Reactor (1994—2010)
Hein Brookhuis

Taking the University to the People. The Role of Lantern Lectures in Extramural Adult Education in Early Twentieth-Century Brussels and Antwerp
Margo Buelens-Terryn

Il n’est sagesse sans folie:La vie singulière de François Englert, Prix Nobel. Chronique en dix épisodes, un prologue et un épilogue
Danielle Losman

Small and great stories of the Geological Survey of Belgium
Kris Welkenhuysen & Vanessa M.A. Heyvaert (eds.)

Théodore Mann. Savoir et pouvoir: Un théoricien du climat à l'Académie de Bruxelles au XVIIIe siècle
Muriel Collart

Transforming Big Science in Belgium: Management Consultants and the Reorganization of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK CEN), 1980–1990
Hein Brookhuis

Better Appreciating the Scale of It: Lemaître and de Sitter at the BAAS Centenary
Siska De Baerdemaeker and Mike D. Schneider

Adolphe Quetelet: Passeur d'idées
Jean-Jacques Droesbeke

Medical histories of Belgium: New narratives on health, care and citizenship in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
Joris Vandendriessche & Benoît Majerus (Eds.)
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170 years ago the first international statistical congress took place in Brussels. It was principally organised by astronomer and statistician Adolphe Quetelet, who envisioned a standardisation of European units of measurement to facilitate collaborative research between nations. Following the link below you can find everything on Bestor concerning mathematics.


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